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Our Uniform

Our school uniform consists of:

❖ *Jade Sweatshirt or Cardigan

No hoodies or fleeces to be worn inside, please.

❖ *White  or Blue polo shirt 

❖ Charcoal grey skirt or pinafore dress

❖ Charcoal grey shorts or trousers

❖ Grey tights (but not on P.E. days)

❖ Black shoes. Not trainers or boots.

❖ Green gingham dress for Terms 5 and 6 only


P.E. Kit

❖ *White T-shirt (not polo shirt)

❖ Navy or black loose-fit shorts 

❖ Navy or black  jogging bottoms and hoodie

❖ Trainers or plimsolls with socks, not tights

All items marked * are embroidered with the school logo and are available to purchase directly from school


Health and safety: if a child has pierced ears, they should wear a plain studded earring, not a hoop or drop earring. Children with pierced ears must remove earrings before a P.E. lesson. If they cannot do this for themselves, a parent must do it before the start of the school day. No other piercings are allowed.


Bracelets and bangles are not allowed. A necklace may be worn for religious reasons only.


Remember to label all items of clothing and footwear with your child’s name. This way, if they lose anything, it can be given back to them.