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In order to provide our pupils with consistent opportunities to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills, we decided to move towards following the White Rose Maths Scheme.

As a team we looked at purchasing a range of resources to support this scheme of learning. However, we decided to use the White Rose resources and gather our own independent work which we could adapt to meet the needs of pupils in our classes. We use a range of resources (photocopies,  links on iPads, laptops or  displays on the Smartboards) to allow pupils to gain fluency and apply their reasoning and problem solving skills. 

This has provided pupils in our mixed-age classes with added opportunities to work independently and have ownership of their learning.  Teachers have confidence in this scheme as they have seen pupils’ mathematical language and vocabulary develop.  Pupils have also developed their mastery maths skills which is evident in the progress made, since implementing this last year.

Mathematics statement

Our long-term plans are adapted from opitions 2 and 3 from the Archimedes Maths Hub/North Yorkshire LA’s mixed age plans. WE have based our curriculum on these long-term plans because the sequencing of topics has been written to help to ensure that ant pre-requisite knowledge needed for a unit can be taught in the preceding units. We have chosen to adapt option 2 and 3 because we believe the long block (for Donaldson and Dahl class) and curriculum split (for Morpurgo) best meets the needs of our learners because this allows the children more opportunities to master the different topics within mathematics.

The format for the domain overviews allows teachers to see the content for each topic for the preceding and following year group (except for reception and year 6) which offers teachers better continuity and understanding of progression in the topic.

Medium term sequencing is considered by individual teachers when planning each unit of work. It is left to individual teachers to plan this sequence as they are best placed to make the most appropriate descisions for their class.

The mathematics subject leader regularly reviews the medium sequencings plans to ensure individual teachers are sequencing learning appropriately. CPD is provided for any teachers who are in need further support to sequence.